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At MTM Sales dot Com we are pleased to present the series of "Non Toxic Building Products" themed websites that promote and are anchored by such companies which we believe to be outstanding in terms of achieving our above stated concern.  Much like a talent scout (talent agent / talent agency) we promote and network you to these manufacturers and retailers directly.  It fits perfectly with our mission to propagate non toxic thinking.

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The Public must demand Healthy Homes and Living Environments:  we have the non toxic materials and we have the Technology.

When you need someone to build non toxic building style what you are building or if you need someone to help you in your non toxic building projects we can network you to trusted tradespeople in Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada. We also have a network of friends around the world who may also be helpful.

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Our Non Toxic Building Products Portal Of One-Page Websites.

Zero VOC PaintLow VOC Paint by AFM Safecoat: Doctor recommended paints: Our choice for the least toxic paint for most every type of substrate. Take advantage of the ayurveda essence colour selection science.
Low VOC Primers for wood, particle board, tiles, concrete, ashphalt, metal and other substrates. Transitional Primer + New Wallboard Primer - the latter makes a great ceiling paint.
VOC Compliant Coatings suited for most any building project.  Networking you with coating manufacturers that serve Canada, the USA, and the world.: Our choices for the least toxic stains, finishes + building materials. 
Zero VOC, Extremely Low VOC & Low VOC Sealers for wood, particle board, tiles, concrete, ashphalt and other substrates.
Very Low VOC Adhesive: Multi-purpose:  for use on Floor Tiles, Light-weight Wall Tiles and Carpet applications. Another great building product by AFM Safecoat.
Very Low VOC - No formaldehyde + No Ether: for use on Windows, Walls, Doors, Ducts, Walls, Doors, Cracks, Holes, & Plumbing. .
Please contact us for information about non toxic grout - the old original way before the existence of many of our synthetic additives. Connect to Grout Suppliers in North America.
CARPET Shampoo, Sealer and Lockout:  A three-step process to clean and minimize offgassing of Carpets. After working you can clean up with their least toxic Head and Body Shampoo.
We network you tomanufacturers and retailers of non toxic detergents and cleaning agents empowering you to choose the solution which is least toxic for you and or your Family.


With our global focus to serve you, we extend to you both the opportunity to research and or purchase these and other quality non toxic building products.  Our goal is also to gather and share comprehensive information pertinent to healthy living which is transparent and thus transferable.  Yes this may be seen by some as radical and contrary to business philosophy, and yet the mission to detoxify our living environments - on a societal scale - supercedes all else, and thus demands this.  For the sake of the health of our future civilization we implore you to take up this non toxic challenge in a similiar manner in your Communities.





Non toxic coatings: Canadian Building & Restoration Products is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of less toxic and sustainable coatings for wood, stone, concrete and other substrates. Their BRODA ® products are low VOC compliant: PRO-TEK-TOR wood stain finishes, CLARITY acrylic finishes, PROTHANE polyurethane  finishes, and SEAL-HIDE elastomeric paint. CBR also makes excellet low VOC sustainable cleaning products. CBR is also a national distributor in Canada for the AFM SafeCoat ® and AFM SafeChoice product line (which serves people with chemical sensitivity concerns well).

We will be rebuiliding these excellent CBR Blog entries that will help you in your non toxic building projects:

Low VOC Coating Regulations Are On The Way: How will they affect you?

Climatesmart Sustainability Program helps CBR to save money.

Wood stain finishes, Acrylic Coating and Polyurethane Fnish used for Quebec chalet.

Improving indoor air quality using AFM Safecoat Hard Seal

Building a less toxic sensory room.

Painting with zero VOC paints - Why AFM Safecoat is our only choice.






the Health of our Children is at RISK


The most invisible toxic enemy to consider in your non toxic building projects.

We celebrate AFM SafeCoat too.

Zero VOC Paint & Low VOC Paint
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Zero VOC Flat Interior Paint
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Zero VOC Eggshell Interior Paint
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Zero VOC Semigloss Interior Paint
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Very Low VOC Cabinet & Trim Interior Paint
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Very Low VOC Exterior Satin Paint
  • Very Low VOC Primer & Low VOC Primers
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  New Wallboard Prinecoat HPV
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Transitional Primer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Metalcoat Acrylic Metal Primer
  • Very Low VOC, Low VOC, Organic & Natural Coatings:  Stains, Finishes, LacquerPenetrating Wood Oils and Wax

  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Durostain
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Acrylaz (Gloss and Satin)
  • AFM SafeCoat ® BP Polyureseal (Gloss and Satin)
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Acriglaze (Gloss and Matte)
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Deckote
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dynoseal
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Driveway Sealer / Asphalt Sealer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dyboflex Natural Tab
  • AFM SafeCoat ®  Dyboflex Roofguard
  • AFM Naturals a Clear Penetrating Oil
  • AFM Naturals a Dilutent Reducer 4099
  • AFM Naturals a Oil Wax Finish
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dyboflex Lock-in Wood Sanding Sealer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dyboflex Mexeseal Sealer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dyboflex Penetrating Water Stop
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Dyboflex Safe Seal Sealer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Hard Seal Sealer
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Interior / Exterior Watershield
  • AFM SafeCoat ® Grout Sealer
  • Buy less toxic AFM SafeCoat ® Caulking


    Building a winery? Are You growing grapes: Check out this latest innovatuion!

    Check out this blog entry



    Bee23 Beauty Rewritten: Natural skin care products by Bee 23 Beauty Products. Visit the Queen Bee's Blog by clicking on this image.

    The human skin is the largest human organ.  We recommend you buy natural skin care products beeswax-based natural body balms, lip balms, facial balms and solid scents by


    and while you are building your non toxic projects the children can entertain themselves with CARTOONS FROM LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY: BunnyEars.TV  Internet Fun For The Family: Quality on-line entertainment for Children.


    Please don't use toxic pesticides


    A excellent video promoting Eco Building Resource

    your non toxic building product specialist located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

    We are pleased to support them because not only are they knowledgeable to serve you with your non toxic building needs but they also are active in and support the Community.

    Please Consider Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) In Your Building Biology

    Safe Living Technologies

    Your RF and EMF Mitigation Specialists in the USA and Canada.

    We are confident that you will enjoy surfing their very informative and educational website.

    While cell phones have become an integral part of serving the Customer, when at a building project site or in transit, please minimize your usage of these and other wireless devices for the sake of your own health.  Check out the CBC Marketplace segment about the Health Hazards of Cell Phones (Among Children): 

    The toxic enemy surrounds us: We are mobilizing our resources with the mission to help detoxify our surroundingsThe Public must demand healthy homes & environments:  we have the technology and the  non toxic raw materials.


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    Clean Up Time: Soap yourself with Natural Soaps

    by Sandy Hook Soap Factory.




    When you need someone to build non toxic building style what you are building or if you need someone to help you in your non toxic building projects we can network you to trusted tradespeople in Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada. 
    We also have a network of friends throughout the world who may also be able to assist us.
    You Can Call 416.769.7700

    Know the facts about The James Dick Story. Please also visit a new website for Ontarians called the hole Here you can learn in an entertaining way all about how stone, sand and gravel play an important role in your life.


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